Corona can now be detected

In China the police have issued innovative helmets, due to which it is possible to measure the temperature of people from them on distance to 2 metres, in a fully automatic mode. The device was created by specialists of the world’s leading technology companies Wearable KC involved, as stated, the development and promotion of a series of mining equipment with artificial intelligence to help society to approach the future.

Specified, helmets, equipped with a contactless temperature sensors of the human body, has a relatively long history of using the police from the UAE. This technology has interested a number of European countries. The basis of these head of speculoos from the company KC Wearable cameras, the maximum range of two meters. Innovative helmet models KC N901 operates on the processor of the ARM family. By equipping the display for augmented reality significantly simplifies the use of the device. In addition to the infrared camera, it has the usual.

Hats used by police in China for the measurement of body temperature in humans in the crowd. The process is carried out in automatic mode, allows the guards to get information with precision to 0.3 °C, which is stored in the memory device. The Chinese authorities have given police the helmets, in order to make it possible to conduct effective monitoring on the streets to contain the spread of coronavirus infection.

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